Rachel Cossar

2019 Speaker
Rachel Cossar

RACHEL COSSAR is the founder and lead facilitator for Choreography for Business. She has unparalleled expertise in nonverbal communication. She was on the Canadian Rhythmic Gymnastics team, competing and representing Canada internationally. From this career, she joined the Boston Ballet, performing lead roles in front of audiences at the Boston Opera House, and stages across the globe over the course of a decade. With experience as a major gift fundraising professional at Harvard University and New England Conservatory, Cossar has experience navigating high stakes relationships both inside and outside the office. Through CFB, she blends her skills as a high level athlete, professional ballet dancer and major gift fundraiser. Her coaching focuses on the physical parameters of communication and leadership in professional settings. Her work has helped meet the needs of consultants, sales teams, executives and hospitality professionals among others. She is dedicated to strengthening human experiences in business and beyond. @rachelonpointe

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