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Melissa Clayton

2017 Speaker

MELISSA CLAYTON is CEO and founder of Tiny Tags, an online jewelry store designing and creating personalized jewelry for mothers.  Tiny Tags has built a community centered around the gift of motherhood and celebrating children.  Redefining mommy jewelry with simple and classic designs, Tiny Tags is adorned by celebrities and moms all over the globe. Tiny Tags has been featured in People Magazine, PeopleStyleWatch, NBC’s Today Show, CBS’s The Talk, and many more.  Tiny Tags’ mission is to celebrate children and is committed to helping women and children in need.  This commitment is the hallmark of Tiny Tags and is evident in everything Tiny Tags is a part of, from organizing a charity walk with St. Judes to hosting birthday parties for children in homeless shelters. As a former CPA who knew she had to break out on her own path, Clayton is obsessed with entrepreneurship and sharing the lessons she has learned along the way. Clayton earned a BA in philosophy from University of Massachusetts, an MS in accounting, and MBA from Northeastern. @tinytags