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Elissa Campbell

2012 and 2014 Speaker

Elissa Campbell recently earned her credits as a national beauty at the age of 55, when she was named to People Magazine’s “Most Beautiful Real Woman Over 50” list. “Just a number” is how Campbell thinks about age, since she came to modeling late in life, at the age of 53. After hearing of an ad executive who said, “No one cares about women over 30,” Campbell takes significant satisfaction in her recent success. A media marketing executive for more than three decades, Campbell understands better than most that it’s the substance within a product or a person that provides true staying power. “We need to talk about and see images of real women, living real lives, in real time,” she says. Campbell has shared some of her thoughts and ideas on her blog and is determined to be a catalyst for changing the ways in which women of every age are projected and perceived in the media, marketing and advertising, the work place and in their daily lives. @ecrealbeauty