Denise Cox

DENISE COX is vice president of Cisco technical services for the Americas region. Her team delivers services that help customers and partners consume technology, mitigate risk, and transform their operations, all while growing Cisco’s top-line revenue. With more than twenty years as a services and support executive, Cox is passionate about customer success. She sees services as a differentiator that can drive product sales and customer loyalty. She specializes in a proactive and preemptive approach that helps customers avoid downtime. Before joining Cisco in 2016, Cox spent more than a decade at NetApp, where she led the team responsible for personalized, high-touch consulting, delivery, and management services. Under her leadership, NetApp redesigned its support model to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction, even as the install base grew more than twenty percent per year. Cox is a frequent speaker at Women in Technology events, including Grace Hopper and Watermark. She earned an MS in information technology and a BA in communication. @cisco

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