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Dawn Dickson

2016 Speaker

DAWN DICKSON is founder and CEO of Flat Out of Heels. She created the rollable flats out of necessity. In February 2011, Dickson was attending an event in South Beach, Miami dressed to the nines in six-inch heels. After standing for hours her feet were on fire and she desperately searched for a place to purchase some affordable flats for relief…to no luck. It was at the moment that Dickson set out to create a fashionable, durable and must-have rollable flat that is chic and durable enough for everyday use and dispensable out of vending machines to make purchasing convenient. It was then that Flat Out of Heels was born. Since 2011 Dickson and Flat Out of Heels have been featured in countless media outlets including NBC, Women’s World DailyBlack EnterpriseEbonyUpscale Magazine, CNBC, MSNBC, Yahoo, USA Today and many more. @flatoutofheels