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Ceylan Rowe

2016 Speaker

CEYLAN ROWE is the founder of Trendy Napkin and the MetroWest commissioner for the Commission on the Status of Women. She has spent most of her life advocating for and assisting women in the United States and abroad. Born into a family of entrepreneurs, Rowe founded Trendy Napkin, a company that sells non-sweatshop shirts with an inspiring message. A portion of every sale goes to help refugee women start their own business. She attended the United Nation’s Commission on the Status of Women’s session on how to protect women’s human rights against violent extremism. She hopes that Trendy Napkin can help refugee women, some in abusive situations, leave and be able to support themselves and their children by becoming an entrepreneur. Rowe studied political science and international affairs at Northeastern University. Soon after college, she worked at the Massachusetts Office for Refugees and Immigrants. Rowe also started a consulting company named Mommy’s Business BFF, helping moms start their own business or go back into the workforce.  @ceylanrowe