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Bryan R. Piller

2013 Speaker

Bryan R. Piller is the director of commercial East services for Cisco in the Americas theatre. His team is responsible for technical services, professional services and software services sales revenue of $500 million. Piller joined Cisco in July of 1998 and has held various leadership roles in product sales, operations and service sales. He began his career at Cabletron Systems where he held positions in New Hampshire and New York City before moving to Boston to join Cisco.  Piller has established himself as a strong sales, corporate and community leader in New England.  His sales, operations and business experiences have prepared him to lead in complex customer, partner and Cisco sales interactions.  In his current role as director of services, he is helping lead his organization in support of Cisco’s goal to become the #1 IT company in the world  through  selling solutions, software and business analytics to meet the changing business demands of his customers.  Piller earned a B.A. from the University of New Hampshire.