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Commit to your health and well-being! Take time to explore The Massachusetts Conference for Women’s Health & Wellness Pavilion, which offers expert speakers, healthy snacks, product demonstrations, health screenings and strategies to achieve optimal health and prevention.

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Health & Wellness Classroom Sessions

7:45 – 8:05 AM Maternal Health

Maternal mortality is a growing discussion across the country as we prepare for another election year. It is proven that skilled care before, during and after childbirth can save the lives of women and newborn babies, yet these services come at a cost. Tonya Rapley will discuss the difference between financial insecurity and poverty, how this notable difference affects women’s health outcomes, and financial tools that are viable solutions to address this important topic.
TONYA RAPLEY,nationally recognized millennial money expert & creator, My Fab Finance @myfabfinance

11:05 – 11:25 AM Get Better at Stress

Meditation, massage, movement and more are all wonderful ways to recharge or refresh, but what if you could actually get better at stress?How we think about things, and especially how we think about “stress,” play a role in our body’s stress response and our overall health. The new science of stress has identified ways that we can shift our mindset for more positive outcomes. Going from threat to challenge, leaning in to prevent burnout, finding meaning in work or caregiving, and using adversity to grow are just some of the ways you can get better at stress. Join Charles Inniss, DPT, onsite wellness coach at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Massachusetts, for a discussion about this important topic.
CHARLES INNISS, DPT, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts @bcbsma

12:40 – 1:00 PM Look Good, Feel Good

When you look good, you feel good, which not only helps you feel more self-assured but most importantly, more confident.Join Dr. Dianne Quibell and Flo Goshgarian of MD TLC to explore various aesthetic and wellness options to help put you on the path to a more youthful and fresh appearance. From laser technologies to top-of-the-line skin care treatments and injectables, you deserve to treat yourself with a little “TLC”!
FLO GOSHGARIAN,president & owner, MD TLC @mdtlc_ma
DIANNE QUIBELL, MD,internist, world-renowned cosmetic laser surgeon & aesthetic physician @mdtlc_ma

2:45 – 3:05 PM Caregiving: A Public Health Priority

This session will discuss the unique impacts of caregiving as identified by Embracing Carers, a global movement to address the often-overlooked needs of caregivers.We will take a deeper look at the state of care globally, in the US, and in Massachusetts, and will offer tips for those in this difficult role.
SCOTT WILLIAMS,VP, head, global patient advocacy & strategic partnerships, EMD Serono @emdserono

3:10 – 3:30 PM Fighting Back: One Woman’s Journey with Heart Disease

Heart disease is the number one killer of women. Listen to WomenHeart CEO Celina Gorre engage in conversation with a woman who has survived and is now thriving with heart disease. Hear her story of resilience and courage and learn how you can take control of your heart health.
CELINA GORRE,CEO, WomenHeart @womenheartorg
MYRA ROBIN, WomenHeart Champion @womenheartorg

3:35 – 3:55 PM Benefits of Core Conditioning and High Intensity Interval Training

Whether you have ten minutes or two hours, there is a fundamental value in engaging the core muscles and participating in High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Attendees will learn definitions, benefit evidence and real-life examples that will make it easy for them to incorporate HIIT at home and/or at the workplace.Walk away feeling empowered to achieve your fitness goals in a realistic and time-efficient manner, anywhere and anytime!
GINAMARIE FOGLIA,senior director, medical intelligence & patient perspective, Sanofi @sanofi

4:00 – 4:20 PM Energy for Performance

Human energy is an organization’s most critical resource. Participants will learn tips and pearls on how to maximize their energy to increase performance and productivity in business and personal life. You will gain exposure to the four dimensions of energy and understand how all are critical for performance and engagement. Attendees will also understand the barriers that prevent full engagement.
DIANA BACCI-WALSH, head, WW education solutions, DePuy Synthes Spine @depuysynthes

4:20 – 4:45 PM “Just Ask”…Promoting Open Conversations about Sexual Health

Sexual health can be considered a vital sign for overall health. Yet healthcare professionals and female patients often avoid important clinical conversations about sexual health, either due to a sense of discomfort or because women often do not think of their sexual health concerns as medical conditions. This lack of awareness can sometimes result in fewer women speaking up about their concerns with their healthcare providers. Attend this session to gain a better understanding of common sexual health concerns and how to get comfortable “just asking” your healthcare provider about your sexual health.
AMAMA SADIQ, MD, MPH, executive director, medical affairs, AMAG Pharmaceuticals @amagpharma


Life Balance & Integration Coaching 

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7:30 am – 5:00 pm

The Conference is pleased to offer an additional coaching opportunity to attendees who are looking for support other than career assistance. Join us in the Health & Wellness Pavilion where you can receive one-on-one “laser coaching” with a professional certified coach from the International Coach Federation of New England (ICFNE). This is a valuable opportunity to take what you learn at the Conference and translate it into action and impact. ICF credentialed coaches will support your goals and help you plan your next step by exploring relevant topics, which may include:

• Clarifying your personal and/or professional goals;
• Prioritizing and balancing the many aspects your life;
• Navigating life transitions;
• Identifying ways to get involved in causes about which you are passionate; and, much more!

*Sessions are 30 minutes and are first-come, first-served — advance sign-up is NOT required!

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