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Women SPEAK: Becoming a Changemaker for a Positive Self-Image

As millennials, we are at the forefront of the exponential surge in virtual connection and technology — we are always connected, be it through Twitter, Instagram, text or other online sources — to each other and to the world of celebrities. While it is fun and allows us to be “in the know,” it also contributes to our feelings of self image — oftentimes not in a positive way. Do you find yourself feeling inferior to the images of women in the media? Are you feeling pressure to be something different based on what you see in the media? Do you feel good about the person you are inside and out? Using live polling, we will show you that you are not alone: Your peers also struggle with feelings of self-doubt — it’s only natural. This session will help you alter your thinking to feel more confident and positive about your self-image.

This session will explore:

– How women and girls are portrayed in the media and how that affects your thinking about your image;
– Whether the image you portray to others is reflective of who you want to be and how you are perceived;
– Tips to positively represent yourself to others; and
– The pros, cons and how-tos of using social media to share personal information and how that can positively or negatively impact your self-image

Co-Speakers: Kristin Jones, co-founder, Women SPEAK, and student, Howard University @womenspeakteam

Bernadette Lim, co-founder, Women SPEAK, and student, Harvard University @bernielim @womenspeakteam

Host: Sally D. Fassler, managing director, chief financial officer and risk & oversight committee member, Sankaty Advisors