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Winning from Within: Breakthrough Negotiations for Leading, Living and Lasting Change

Internationally renowned negotiation and conflict resolution pioneer Erica Ariel Fox offers a forward-thinking approach to mastering the art of negotiations by mastering the “negotiation within.” Recognizing that some of the most important negotiations start from within ourselves rather than with others, Fox shares how to master your “inner negotiators” to get more of what you want and improve your relationships. Using insights from Western psychology and Eastern philosophy to resolve the gap between what people know they should say and what they actually do, Fox will provide a map for understanding your inner world and offer a method for sorting yourself out. Whether you are working with a difficult client, trying to get more from your team or developing your highest leadership potential and value this workshop will prepare you to lead, live and create lasting change. Together we will:

  • Learn what it means to “negotiate with yourself ”
  • Recognize key inner negotiators
  • Leverage different inner negotiations for distinct results
  • Use the “Beyond Yes” method to negotiate effectively with yourself in order to deal successfully with other people

Speaker: Erica Ariel Fox, J.D., lecturer, Harvard Law School, founding partner, Mobius Executive Leadership and author @ERICAARIELFOX