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Susan LaPointeHuman Resources VP Susan LaPointe: “Women have tremendous confidence today. We are no longer willing to sit on the sidelines.”

Susan LaPointe, VP of Human Resources of the Web Division at Akamai Technologies (a leader in content delivery network services and cloud security systems) shares the best and boldest decision she ever made, what she’s learned about success, and more.

Q: What was your dream job as a child?

I wanted to be a graphic designer because I loved to doodle.

Q: What do you love about the work you do now? 

I love acting as a coach, mentor and consultant. I am fortunate to have the opportunity to play all these roles. I consistently coach my direct reports. I frequently provide mentorship to peers, and I am a consultant to leaders. All these roles provide an element of guiding and allow me to share my experience and expertise with others. I find this very gratifying.

Q: What inspires you about women in leadership today? 

Women have tremendous confidence today. We are no longer willing to sit on the sidelines. We are willing to assume roles that we may have shied away from even 10 years ago. While juggling competing priorities of family and work continues to be a challenge, we are not afraid to take the challenge on.

Q: What is the best and boldest decision you ever made?

The best and boldest decision I ever made was not to take a leadership job offered to me earlier in my career. Many of my peers thought that I was making a huge mistake but I did not believe it was the right role for me at the time. I continue to feel that it was the best decision of my career. Other opportunities came my way that were a better match for my skills and aspirations. 

Q: What have you learned about success that you didn’t know when you were just starting out? 

No one defines your success but you. If you feel you are successful, then you are.


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