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Take Control of Your Stress Response

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In this episode, Jeff Benton shares a roadmap for self-evolution — and for changing your feelings from the enemies of ease to a superpower in all areas of life. Jeff channeled tragedy in his personal life into success, confidence, and strength; now, his company, Paragon Performance Evolution, teaches those principles on the individual and team levels. Today, he shares tips for cultivating resilience, managing stress, and harnessing the body’s connection with the mind.

Our Guest: Jeff Benton

Jeff Benton

Jeff Benton, Founder & CEO of Paragon Performance Evolution, focuses on peak performance training through various aspects of personal and collective growth. By developing customized leadership and high-performance programs, Paragon’s focus is to create significant impact for individuals and client organizations, ranging from FORTUNE 500 companies to Special Forces, professional athletes, leading academic institutions, Global First Ladies, and astronauts.

The core of Paragon’s teachings revolve around achieving a coherent state through self-regulation and increased awareness of thoughts and emotions. By helping individuals attain this state of coherence, it enables them to optimize key brain functions and improve overall physiology, leading to greater clarity, presence, joy and gratitude. This enables an individual to achieve greater overall performance, and also deeper and more authentic relationships, at an individual, team and organizational level, creating a collective state of coherence.

Ultimately, Jeff’s work allows for him to combine his deepest passions of connecting people and supporting individuals in their journey of transformation, and to be his own human lab, exploring what is possible in this lifetime.

Our Host: Celeste Headlee

Celeste Headlee

Celeste Headlee is a communication and human nature expert, and an award-winning journalist. She is a professional speaker, and also the author of Speaking of Race: Why Everybody Needs to Talk About Racism—and How to Do It, Do Nothing, Heard Mentality, and We Need to Talk. In her twenty-year career in public radio, she has been the executive producer of On Second Thought at Georgia Public Radio, and anchored programs including Tell Me More, Talk of the Nation, All Things Considered, and Weekend Edition. She also served as cohost of the national morning news show The Takeaway from PRI and WNYC, and anchored presidential coverage in 2012 for PBS World Channel. Headlee’s TEDx talk sharing ten ways to have a better conversation has over twenty million total views to date. @CelesteHeadlee

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