Yaro Fong-Olivares

The Expert Q&A: Advancing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion With Bentley University’s Yaro Fong-Olivares

Q: It has been more than six months since this summer’s Black Lives Matter protests sparked a new national dialogue about race in America. Have you seen changes in workplaces since then? The primary change is that more people are talking about racialized violence, systemic racism, and white supremacy. There is a more widely spread thirst for information about racism and a greater explicit desire to become racially diverse, anti-racist, … [ more ]

Courageous Conversations: Skills for the Brave New World of Work

As a nation we find ourselves at a tipping point around race, gender and power. So, how do we mobilize and ensure positive change within our work lives and communities? Trish Foster and Yaro Fong-Olivares from Bentley University join us to offer actionable tools for having courageous conversations – dialogue that is reciprocal, respectful, compassionate, honest and open. This episode will provide you with a framework for how and when … [ more ]

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