Trish Foster

How to Support Your Team’s Well-Being During Remote Work – With Bentley’s Trish Foster

With Bentley’s Trish Foster Q: What have you learned over this past year about how to support your team’s well-being while working remotely? First, I think it’s important to acknowledge that there is no one who has not been impacted by the challenges of this pandemic and mandated remote work. Some people have faced tragedies, like losing someone they love to this illness. Others have been challenged by job loss, … [ more ]

Courageous Conversations: Skills for the Brave New World of Work

As a nation we find ourselves at a tipping point around race, gender and power. So, how do we mobilize and ensure positive change within our work lives and communities? Trish Foster and Yaro Fong-Olivares from Bentley University join us to offer actionable tools for having courageous conversations – dialogue that is reciprocal, respectful, compassionate, honest and open. This episode will provide you with a framework for how and when … [ more ]

The Expert Q&A – on Engaging Male Allies

With Bentley University’s Trish Foster Q: Many men say they support equality for women in the workplace. But being an “ally” involves taking action. What are some examples of the most important kinds of actions male allies can take to advance gender equality in the workplace? This is a big question! Men who want to be authentic allies need to actively, vocally, and visibly support, mentor, and sponsor women (and … [ more ]

Confident Women Do These 5 Things Well

By Trish Foster, Senior Director, Gloria Cordes Larson Center for Women and Business at Bentley University  The gender confidence gap between men and women is real: compared to men, women are more deeply impacted by self-doubt. Numerous studies show that women experience unease regarding their career and job performance at a significantly greater rate than men. Women tend to apply for jobs only when they meet 100 percent of the … [ more ]

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