Rachel Cargle

What Real White Allyship Looks Like According to Rachel Cargle

Rachel Cargle is a soft-spoken woman who offers a powerful challenge about what it means to be a white ally in the fight against racial injustice. “Anti-racism,” she says, “cannot rest as a self-improvement space for white women” who do things like read to help them feel better about themselves. Ultimately, she says, real white allyship results in the improvement of Black lives. So, how can we become such an … [ more ]

Awkwafina! The First of Many Amazing 2020 Conference for Women Speaker Announcements

Join us for the first-ever entirely online Massachusetts Conference for Women this December 10th featuring Awkwafina, Doris Kearns Goodwin, Rachel Cargle, and Stephanie Land—four remarkable women who are breaking barriers, persevering, leading change, making history, and pioneering our path forward. Register before July 24th to secure early bird pricing of $125!

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