Melanie Foley

Harnessing the Power of Your Network

By Melanie Foley, Executive Vice President, Talent and Enterprise Services, Liberty Mutual Insurance Going it alone is incredibly overrated. And yet as a society we cling to this romanticized image of fiercely independent individuals forging ahead on their own. What drives that? Why is it—when each of us has access to our own network of friends, family and colleagues—that we consider it weak to ask any of them for help? … [ more ]

Flexibility: A Win-Win Approach to Enhancing the Employee Experience

By Melanie Foley, Executive Vice President and Chief Talent & Enterprise Services Officer, Liberty Mutual Insurance As technology blurs the lines between our professional and personal lives, flexibility is becoming increasingly important—both to employees and to employers looking to attract and retain the best talent. Today, a work environment that reflects and supports an expanded view of how work can be done is as key a component of the employee … [ more ]

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