Lynn D. Tinney

Achieving 24/7 Life Balance

By Lynn D. Tinney, VP Americas Channels, Riverbed Life balance. Two simple words. Separately they convey richness, connection, achievement and strength. Together, they become daunting. To many of us these words seem an oxymoron. Throw in the 24/7 and we are staring at a holy grail.

Survival Strategies in a “Lean In” World: Real People, Real Stories, Real Solutions

In a world that has become increasingly fast-paced, overconnected and plagued by lack of boundaries, the notion of balance is insane and impossible to achieve. Rather than attempt the impossible, this session will offer a blend of practical advice and inspiration to attain a new equilibrium, redefine your goals and priorities, and try to attain some sanity. Whether you are grappling with motherhood, caring for elderly parents, managing the abyss … [ more ]

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