April 2016 Newsletter

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Straight Talk from Managers on Work-Life Balance

Want a promotion or new job, but not sure you have the bandwidth to take on the expanded responsibilities? Most of us might try to gauge matters by asking the hiring manager indirect questions. “But there’s no need to be subtle!” says Stephen Williamson, CFO of Thermo Fisher Scientific. “Ask managers how they deal with work-life balance, and how they help their team do the same.” “The need for work-life … [ more ]

Flexibility: A Win-Win Approach to Enhancing the Employee Experience

By Melanie Foley, Executive Vice President and Chief Talent & Enterprise Services Officer, Liberty Mutual Insurance As technology blurs the lines between our professional and personal lives, flexibility is becoming increasingly important—both to employees and to employers looking to attract and retain the best talent. Today, a work environment that reflects and supports an expanded view of how work can be done is as key a component of the employee … [ more ]

The Truth about Confidence

Women just need to believe in themselves more. That’s often the prescription for righting gender inequities in the workplace. But a big part of the confidence gap is not being addressed, says Janet Crawford, CEO of Cascadance, Inc., an organizational change firm that helps companies address issues of under-representation and create cultures of inclusion. “Low confidence is not an individual phenomenon, but is in part, a general consequence of something … [ more ]

You Can Say That Again! Mantras That Make You Stronger

Sound like a broken record player much? You can never repeat yourself too often when chanting personally significant sayings or phrases to summon your courage, grit or hope. We asked speakers at the Conference in California this month to share their favorite mantras. Feel free to adopt them for yourself!

Glamour’s Cindi Leive on Courage, Confidence and What Mirror Selfies Are Good for

To talk to Cindi Leive about careers is to wish Glamour’s editor in chief were your boss—if not your best friend. She’s not just warm, funny and smart. She also telegraphs a big heart, the vibe that she cares and wants to help—women in general and those she personally knows. It’s partly Leive’s candidness that conveys this generous spirit. Case in point: she freely admits that the secret to her … [ more ]

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