2013 Session

Leveraging Your Connections to Create Meaningful Change

Join Laura Slatkin as she shares her insight and leads a discussion on how to meld the worlds of business and philanthropy to create meaningful change. As founder, CEO, wife and mother of two children (one of whom has autism), Laura understands that being successful requires the right amount of balance. Hear Laura tell the story of her son’s diagnosis, navigating the autism world and deciding to turn her family’s … [ more ]

Success Codes for Professional and Personal Leadership

What strategies will help propel you toward professional successes and personal satisfactions? Leaders from Cisco will share what rules they’ve personally lived by to guide them through the rough waters of the technology market and sustained success. Learn what changes you can make to your daily work life to master the demands of large organizations and deliver impact to the business. You will be sure to walk away with a … [ more ]

Engineering Innovation and Change Leadership

Driving and leading engineering innovation in the information technology industry can be both challenging and rewarding. Change is being embraced at breakneck speeds as social media and big data heavily influence computer technology and the daily world within which we interact. Anne has been with EMC for over seventeen years and has been at the heart of this transformation in this industry. Explore the challenges and lessons learned over the … [ more ]

Women on the Move: Navigating a Career Transition

Career paths aren’t always a ladder — transitions are common and can be difficult personal and professional decisions. Changing roles, taking on additional responsibility, or switching tracks entirely can be managed more effectively with a strong support network and a plan in place make change work to your advantage. In an interactive discussion, EMD Serono’s Monica Singh, who successfully jumped from dental school to law school and has networked her … [ more ]

Overcoming Obstacles in the Workplace

What do you do when you think you can’t? This session will offer tips and techniques for overcoming what’s often the biggest factor in holding you back … you! Hear from one executive about how she has broken down obstacles and pushed through her own barriers to get to the top. This talk will give you practical advice for helping you do the same. Speaker: Hannah Grove, executive vice president and … [ more ]

MAKING a Life Plan That Best Reflects You!

As you embark on life beyond high school, it’s only natural to ask yourself “What do I want to be when I grow up?” Perhaps you would be happier and more successful in life by asking yourself “Who do I want to become when I grow up?” Rather than follow a path of what you think is expected, this session will help you can create a life plan that reflects … [ more ]

Workshop: Getting What You Want (By Getting Out of Your Own Way)

In this one-hour workshop, “Getting What You Want By Getting Out of Your Own Way”, New York Times-bestselling author Laura Munson shows how to redefine success so you allow yourself to succeed. Munson is the author of “This is Not the Story You Think It Is: A Season of Unlikely Happiness.” She is an expert in perseverance and dealing with rejection (both personally and professionally), the creator of the Haven … [ more ]

Driving Social Good and Change through the Power of the Workplace

Through access to networks, employees and customers, the workplace – regardless of size, sector or purpose – has the unique power to act as force multipliers to impact social change and make a difference. This session will explore the various ways that employees and entrepreneurs can use a work or corporate infrastructure to give back, volunteer and make an impact locally, domestically or globally. This session will use experiences from … [ more ]

How to Make a Budget, Stick to It and Live Large!

How financially savvy are you? This interactive workshop will offer personal budget philosophies for achieving financial security. You will learn how to incorporate these strategies into a budget that works for you, allows you to keep your spending on track and still enjoy life each day! Speaker: Karen Finerman, contributor, Fast Money, co-founder and president, Metropolitan Capital Advisors, Inc. and author @KARENFINERMAN Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: RSS

How to Use Body Language to Influence Human Behavior and Enhance Your Presence

Effective application of rapport building and people reading skills are essential to succeed in today’s world. Leaders with presence have the ability to influence others through interpersonal relationships, are open to meeting new people, can establish rapport and find a way to connect with others. Award-winning “human lie detector” and communications expert Janine Driver will help you better understand the impact of your non-verbal and verbal communications on others. Through … [ more ]

Winning from Within: Breakthrough Negotiations for Leading, Living and Lasting Change

Internationally renowned negotiation and conflict resolution pioneer Erica Ariel Fox offers a forward-thinking approach to mastering the art of negotiations by mastering the “negotiation within.” Recognizing that some of the most important negotiations start from within ourselves rather than with others, Fox shares how to master your “inner negotiators” to get more of what you want and improve your relationships. Using insights from Western psychology and Eastern philosophy to resolve … [ more ]

Innovation Uncensored: Inspiration to Ignite your Project, Career and Workplace

Creativity can’t be forced, and everyone hits a wall at times – even seasoned leaders and entrepreneurs. Is your CEO breathing down your neck? Is your top client hovering and waiting for that next big idea? Are your teammates and employees uninspired? While innovation can be elusive at times, there are practical and easy ways to cultivate an innovative and creative workplace that drives bottom line results. This session will … [ more ]

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