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Stress Busters: Simple Tips to Minimize Stress and Maximize Your Health and Happiness

Stress, depression and anxiety may not sound as scary as other life-threatening diseases, but they can be as detrimental and dangerous to your health. The effects take a toll on one’s mental and physical well-being — not to mention impact our ability to succeed personally and professionally. In a world that is fast-paced, constantly changing and always connected (overly connected), it is unrealistic to eliminate stress, depression and anxiety all together. With a perfect blend of practical advice and humor, this session will help you identify symptoms of stress and offer simple tips for how you can minimize stress and better manage your energy, thoughts and time in a more positive way. Health, wellness and workplace experts will explore how you can integrate psychology, mindfulness, sleep, nutrition and exercise to create a happier and healthier life at work and home!

Thought Leader: Cynthia Geyer, MD, medical director, Canyon Ranch

Panel of Experts:
1. Loretta LaRoche, stress expert and author @lorettalaroche
2. Dr. Sandra Stratford, chief medical officer, Raytheon Company

Host: Jane Bowman, vice president, marketing & sales development, Boston Globe @bowmanjane