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Wendy Darling

2014 Speaker

Wendy Darling refers to herself as a creative connector. From working as a mentor to high school teens, to serving as an artist-in-residence to a middle school with no art programming, she has expanded upon her craft by giving back. Along with her peers, Darling co-founded Soo Ambitious, a multi-media platform whose mission is to share information to viewers through an online blog,  provide resources in video production and social media marketing and to cultivate a generation of artists who fearlessly chase after their goals. In 2012 she decided to take a year off from school to self-educate by traveling the world. Her ambitions led her to serve as a volunteering and art curator in Germany, China and Hong Kong. This breadth of experiences has encouraged her to complete her undergraduate degree in New York City. All of her accomplishments are especially impressive, given than she was actually born in Haiti and raised in Brockton, MA. Darling is a model of balance, self-discipline and drive. She values her heritage, faith and community, while also pursuing what lies beyond the horizon. She has taken the time, and acquired the life experiences, to formulate her goals and is now ready to act. Darling’s strength to succeed lie within her ability to fearlessly tackle and defeat potential downfalls that try to hinder her ambition in life. In September 2014, she began attending Parsons: The New School for Design. She will be completing her bachelor’s degree in business administration, with a major in design and management and a minor in communications design.