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Shermin Kruse

2015 Speaker

SHERMIN KRUSE is an equity partner at the law firm of Barack Ferrazzano, the author of the critically acclaimed, and best-selling novel “Butterfly Stitching.” She is also a contributor to the Huffington Post, and co-founder and director of the peace organization, Pasfarda Arts and Culture Exchange. Kruse, who spent her childhood in Iran dodging rockets and the morality police, immigrated with her family carrying little more than a few suitcases. Post immigration, she rose in the ranks of the professional world. In addition to her fiction writing and journalism, Kruse is a frequent speaker and writer on issues relating to racial diversity and the promotion of minorities and women in corporations and law firms. Kruse’s commitment to equal rights, professional development and peace-dialogue is international. From traveling to the Turkey-Syria border to interface with Syrian refugee children, to serving as a commentator on NPR’s Worldview on foreign policy issues, Kruse is globally dedicated to raising awareness. @sherminkruse