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Sally Kohn

2016 Speaker

SALLY KOHN is a political commentator with CNN and the Daily Beast. Previously a Fox News contributor, Kohn’s writing has appeared in the Washington Post, The New York Times, New York Magazine, More Magazine,,, USA Today, Time, Afar Magazine and many other outlets.  Her work has been highlighted by outlets ranging from the “Colbert Report,” to the “National Review.”  She is ranked by Mediaite as one of the 100 most influential pundits on television, and by the Advocate as the 35th most influential LGBT person in the media. Previously, Kohn was senior campaign strategist with the Center for Community Change, a 45-year-old hub of grassroots organizations nationwide. Before that, she held a program fellowship at the Ford Foundation, helping to manage more than $15 million in annual grants to social justice organizations nationwide. She was also strategic advisor to the Social Justice Infrastructure Funders, and before that, she served as executive director of the Third Wave Foundation.  She was a distinguished Vaid Fellow at the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Policy Institute, and also worked as a consultant with the Urban Justice Center. Kohn earned a joint degree in law and public administration from New York University and was a Root Tilden public service scholar at the New York University School of Law.  She received her undergraduate degree from George Washington University in D.C.  @sallykohn