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Renata Black

2019 Speaker

RENATA BLACK is a co-founder of EBY.  EBY is a women’s empowerment brand that delivers best in class tech-undies to women from XS to 4X.  EBY drives profits with purpose, donating 10% of its proceeds to the Seven Bar Foundation to fuel microfinance for impoverished women. EBY enables women to have an impact with the one decision they make every morning – the underwear they choose.  Renata studied under Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus. Under Mr. Yunus’ tutelage, Black developed a grassroots microfinance program with 800 local women and established the Seven Bar Foundation soon thereafter. To date, she and the Seven Bar Foundation have helped break the cycle of poverty for over 40,000 women throughout the world. Deepak Chopra’s book The Soul of Leadership features a chapter dedicated to Black’s career, she has spoken at numerous institutions such as the UN, MIT and Harvard Business School.