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Nicole Wetmore

2018 Speaker

NICOLE WETMORE is the director of global HR compliance and Americas operations with Dell. She is focused on finding solutions to the complexities Dell faces when trying to hire, develop and retain top talent from all around the world while maintaining compliance with ever-changing government regulations. In 2016 as an HR leader in EMC Corporation, Wetmore joined Dell through the largest technology merger in history. Post-merger, she accepted her current role. Wetmore has been an expert panelist and guest speaker at conferences across the United States including the Worldwide ERC, Council for Global Immigration Symposiums, and the Annual Federal Bar Association Worksite Conferences. She has also engaged in numerous lobbying activities to drive changes in complex government regulations that hinder a company’s ability to hire, promote and retain top talent in the United States. With a passion for mentorship and networking, Wetmore became the co-president of Dell’s Women’s Employee Resource Group for the Northeast in 2016 after serving three years on the core committee.  Her role in the ERG allows her to drive initiatives around business and talent development, branding, networking and community service for women and men across the company. @dell