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Michelle Miller Groves

2015 Speaker

MICHELLE MILLER GROVES is a doctoral student in interdisciplinary leadership at Creighton University. As an adjunct lecturer of advertising, public relations, marketing and communications, Groves currently teaches at Fisher College and has taught for various universities around Boston including Suffolk University, New England Institute of Art and Northeastern University. She continues to establish herself in the media relations community by surrounding herself with self-motivated entrepreneurs with years of experience and a desire for social change. Groves regularly volunteers her time with various organizations around Boston. In 2012, she received the opportunity to present social media strategies and techniques to over 35 non-profits supported by the Lenny Zakim Fund and returned to them this past October. In 2013, she led the Millenium Conference social media workshop held at Northeastern University and the “Brand New, Brand You” workshop for the Professional Women of Color Network, Inc. (PWOCN). In 2014, she also led PWOCN’s vendor marketing workshop for local entrepreneurs. If sheis afforded the opportunity to pay it forward using her skills sets, she does. It’s her life’s ultimate purpose. Groves earned a M.S. in communications from Suffolk University, which she completed in 2008. @sogoodmarketing