Meredith DeWitt

MEREDITH DeWITT is principal of Meredith J. DeWitt Consulting, where she provides clients with focused strategic counsel, aligning their public interactions with their personal and organizational goals. She currently works with a private roster of individuals and corporations in managing their communication, political and philanthropic interests as they seek to make a difference in their communities. In 2002, DeWitt worked with former Governor Ann Richards serving as managing director for the New York City office of Public Strategies, a Texas based firm that specializes in crises communications and public affairs. DeWitt also served as executive director of corporate outreach for Jan Wenner at Wenner Media, where she was responsible for developing and implementing marketing strategy for Wenner Media’s three magazine properties – Rolling Stone, U.S. Weekly and Men’s Journal. In 1995, DeWitt was the youngest serving chief of staff on Capitol Hill, working for Congressman Michael A. Andrews of Texas. DeWitt serves on the boards of the national service organization, Opportunity Nation, Boston-based, Camp Harborview and the Better Angels Society, a non for profit organization dedicated to supporting the work of historian and filmmaker Ken Burns. DeWitt earned a BA in government from American University in Washington, D.C. and a JD from the University of Texas School of Law at Austin. @meredithdewitt

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