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Laurie Miller Voke

2017 Speaker

LAURA MILLER VOKE has been involved in sports marketing for over twenty five years, and is the founder of the Female Fan Association. As the current WISE Boston president, Voke has cultivated her passions for mentoring and contributing to female business professionals and female sports fans. Her vision and mission is to connect every woman sports fan with other like-minded women in one community. Voke founded the Female Fan Association, a first of it’s kind community dedicated to the female sports fan. Recognized for mobilizing, advocating, and revolutionizing female fan engagement through access, VIP events and empowerment, the FFA is the go to e-commerce site for women sports fan gear. As a sports marketing professional, Voke has developed a unique business style in networking, constructing and programing relationships that provide continuous exposure to the marketplace, sponsors and media partners. The Boston FFA was launched in March of 2017 with Sephora and has ongoing events with 47 and Boston Magazine. Voke sold comprehensive sports marketing packages to regional, national advertisers and agencies seeking partnerships with the Boston Bruins, Boston Celtics and the Boston Garden. She sold over forty million dollars in advertising revenue and generated a new business list of over sixty companies. She was the first to tie in real estate leases in the ad programs and leverage food and beverage buys with sponsor deals. Voke is a graduate of the University of Rhode Island where she earned a BA. @sportssell