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Kelly Dempsey

2015 Speaker

KELLY DEMPSEY is a self-taught fashion designer and contestant on season 14 of “Project Runway.” She is the founder and creative force behind Rack Addik, a newly launched clothing line focusing on fashion forward street-wear. Dempsey embraces fashion as a creative outlet. As a child, her mother ran a craft store out of their home in Monson, M.A. She spent countless hours watching her mother create anything from wind-chimes made of forks to custom hand sewn purses. Dempsey felt a desire to create at a young age. Her first solo design attempt was an aluminum foil dress she proudly wore to elementary school. Dempsey’s true-to-self vision is distinguished through her consistently eclectic design motifs. A product of a creative space, her visceral instinct for fashion is quickly making a name for herself throughout the fashion world. @_kellydempsey_