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Josefina Vázquez

2012 Speaker

Josefina Vázquez is a self-described woman-liberationist. Since the 1980’s, she worked on both international and national efforts concerning social policy issues dealing with Latin America and the Middle East as it related to the self-determination of oppressed communities. She effectively cultivated donors in this field of work. For more than five years, she also oversaw the work of a Community Housing Development Organization in Oakland, CA, where she successfully bridged the social interaction of women within the African American and Latino communities of West Oakland by organizing community roundtables. During her tenure as executive director of the Boston Women’s Fund, over the past three years Vázquez has focused on women-led philanthropy and advocacy for the community organizing work and social policy issues that women and girls courageously seek to resolve in their struggle for racial, economic and social justice. Vázquez lives in greater Boston with her life-long partner and children.