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Jessica Severson

2013 Speaker

Jessica Severson has been blogging since 2001 in a wide variety of formats–an anonymous diary, an issue-centered site, a lifestyle blog, a book review collection and more. She currently maintains several sites (including her main blog, Don’t Mind the Mess), a plethora of social media accounts, has two small children and works full time as the Social Media Manager for startup Flatev. Her writing has appeared in Parents Magazine, and Scary Mommy. She was selected as a BlogHer Voice of the Year 2013. Professionally she received a BS in Biochemistry then went on to receive her JD and practice law. She represented prison inmates, advocated for juveniles as a public defender and worked with small business licensing. She is a skilled teacher and taught logic and test preparation for 8 years. She is the Director of Listen To Your Mother Boston in 2014, a live performance of personal narrative essays about motherhood. @JESSICAESQUIRE