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Jessica McKinney

2012 Speaker

Jessica McKinney, PT, MS is director of women’s health and pelvic floor dysfunction at Marathon Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine, a Boston area multicenter practice she cofounded in 2004. She’s an active clinician, speaker and mentor on matters of pelvic and obstetric health. McKinney is executive director of the humanitarian organization, The Women’s ACTION Initiative (WAI). Dedicated to sensitive issues women face, WAI adopted the Share MayFlowers for female pelvic and perinatal health campaign, which McKinney founded in 2012. Through her previous work and collaborations in developing nations, McKinney brings global maternal health into WAI via emerging programs in obstetric fistula rehabilitation. She is candidate in Doctor of Science in Physical Therapy at Andrews University, author of the chapter “Physical Therapy and Pelvic Pain” in the textbook, “Pain in Women” (2012, Springer Publishing), and blogs at