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Jeanne Demers

2015 Speaker

Jeanne Demers is the co-author and illustrator of “FLAWD: How To Stop Hating On Yourself, Others and the Things that Make You Who You Are.” She is the creator of the The Ruby Books, heroic journeying workshops for girls. As the founder of the non-profit Realize Arts & Education, Inc., dedicated to collaborating with young people around self-discovery, self-acceptance and self-expression, Demers uses her love of the arts and a process of “reverse mentorship” to support young people in realizing their potential to make a positive difference. The amazing young people initiatives she has had the privilege of supporting through include Emily-Anne Rigal with, Dylan Vecchione with, Sanah Jivani with International Natural Day and Diego Mariscal with She has served as WeStopHate’s chief operating officer and is now turning the book “FLAWD” into more ways of helping people improve their self-acceptance skills. The “Own Your FLAWD Stories: How To Make Your Mess Your Message” empowerment talks, workshops and coaching sessions provide inspiration and tools that make the practice of turning your flaws into your light fun. @jeannedemers