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Gretchen Stewart

2017 Speaker

GRETCHEN STEWART is the founder of Sunshine Press. She understands that in life we must take our story into our own hands. That’s why her boutique publishing company is committed to producing life changing books that elevate and inspire. Gretchen strives to uplift those around her with her own life and writing, sharing the insights that have brought her joy, purpose, and peace. Nurse, disaster relief volunteer, author, business owner, illness survivor; it’s no secret that Stewart has seen the world through a variety of unique lenses. The only thing that matches her ambition is her versatility. Stewart’s story is one of transformation and determination; doubling down when the odds are stacked against you. Her indomitable spirit shines through in each of her aspirations. From the innovative philosophy of her “Joy Manifesto,” to her published books on overcoming challenges and finding joy, to inspirational speaking; Gretchen is an unstoppable dervish of positivity. @gretchenstrait