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Emancipation Network (TEN) Made by Survivors

2011 Speaker

Emancipation Network (TEN) Made by Survivors

survivors of slavery and human trafficking that are now living in Boston area

Emancipation Network (TEN) Made by Survivors helps survivors of slavery rebuild their lives after rescue from slavery, with sustainable income, education and help reintegrating into society. TEN – Made By Survivors works to prevent slavery in high risk communities such as red light and refugee communities by creating jobs for adults and through volunteer trips and donations to our shelter partners for rescue, school fees, emergency needs and reintegration. TEN – Made By Survivors is also dedicated to educating the public in Massachusetts and around much of the United States about the social justice issue of human trafficking here at home, thereby helping those victims in the local communities through advocating for support services and bringing to light that which would otherwise not be known and addressed.

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