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Dr. Jodi Ashbrook

2017 Speaker

DR. JODI ASHBROOK is a speaker, author, yoga teacher and entrepreneur. She owns and operates ventures that offer holistic wellness education and professional development, including The Be Brand ®, The Yoga Movement, and Elevate Higher Ed. The Be Brand® is an inspirational retail line tied to The Yoga Movement, Ashbrook’s global non-profit mission to deliver wellness tools to businesses, institutions, and studios. She is endorsed as a Kulae DiploMAT Ambassador, driving their “Real Good Karma” corporate mission to create a more sustainable world. As co-founder of Elevate Higher Ed, Ashbrook offers consulting services that help institutions advance in academics, student support, enrollment growth and improve the overall student journey. Ashbrook has published Looking at Life through the Lesson Lenses, and will be releasing her newest book in early 2018: Breaking through the Box—which inspires people to follow their dreams and embrace their own unique, purpose-filled life journey, as an alternative to the conventional “beaten path.” @jodiashbrook