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Dr. Esther Pearson

2013 Speaker

Dr. Esther Pearson is a Native American raised within the Native American and African American ethnicities and cultures. She is a mathematician, technologist and educator.  She has over twenty-five years of experience in private industry and academia. Dr. Pearson has administered grass roots community organizations and outreach programs in the Boston and greater Boston areas for approximately 18 years. Working in cooperation with Middlesex Community College, Woburn Public Schools and Boston’s Massachusetts Pre-Engineering Program (MASSPEP), Dr. Pearson developed classes and mentoring techniques to encourage and motivate urban students to pursue science, engineering and technology careers. Dr. Pearson developed the STEPS program (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Pre-Engineering Program Studies), which was accepted for implementation by Middlesex Community College, and the American Engineering Association. The STEPS program was acknowledged as a national model by the National Association of Minority Engineering Program Administrators (NAMEPA). Dr. Pearson also developed the Mary McLoed Bethune Institute in 1991, which has been recognized by the U.S. Department of Labor Women’s Bureau for its effectiveness. Dr. Pearson has been bestowed with numerous honors and awards throughout her career, and authored the book, “Invisible Mathmatic” in 2005.