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Dr. Bonita Burke

2019 Speaker

DR. BONITA BURKE is an assistant leader of the counter-weapons of mass destruction group at MIT’s Lincoln Laboratory. She joined Lincoln as a systems analyst in 2011 where she worked to develop technology systems in support of national security. Burke’s work has spurred the creation of novel systems and provided a foundation for R&D efforts in laser, radar, sonar, and inertial system technologies. She has also provided support to the chemical and biological defense group.  Burke graduated valedictorian from Pacific University with a degree in physics in 2001, earned an MA in nuclear engineering in 2007, and an MA (2008) and PhD (2010) in plasma physics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She is the co-chair of Lincoln Laboratories Women’s Network, where she helps to set the strategic direction for the more than seven hundred members, has raised  over $40k for STEM programs of underrepresented communities, and volunteers at various STEM outreach events. @mitll