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David Bach

2012 Speaker

David Bach credits his Grandma Bach as the woman who taught him almost everything he knows about money. She helped him buy his first stock at seven years old in McDonald’s. Growing up, David thought most women were in charge of the family finances like his Grandma Bach—that was until he entered into the financial services business and began to see so many women’s lives shattered financially by divorce and widowhood.  Determined to share his grandmother’s lessons and legacy, Bach created a seminar called “Smart Women Finish Rich” to teach his female clients about money. What started as a dream to help his clients be smarter with their finances—grew into a mission to teach one million women about money.  This lead to a national bestselling book, “Smart Women Finish Rich,” a PBS special based on the book and over a half dozen appearances on “The Oprah Winfrey Show.” Most importantly to Bach, over one million women have attended his seminars throughout North America. Since the original seminar taught in 1994, Bach has authored nine consecutive New York Times bestselling books. In all, his books have been published in more than 18 languages with over 7 million copies in print worldwide. He appears weekly on NBC’s “Today show where he answers America’s money questions.