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Courtney Lynch

2016 Speaker

Courtney Lynch  is a founding partner of Lead Star. Together with partner Angie Morgan, Lead Star was created as an agile, high-caliber leadership development firm. Lynch works closely with all levels of leaders—from CEO’s to frontline team members. She designs and delivers development programs that drive immediate results. From facilitating executive team sessions, to delivering high value keynotes and conducting engaging workshops to Lead Star’s diverse portfolio of clients, it’s no wonder Lynch’s passion for leadership is contagious. She is the best-selling author of “Leading From the Front,” and has written numerous articles on behavior-based leadership and organizational excellence. She’s been a dynamic guest on CNBC, FOX News and CNN. Lynch’s efforts with Lead Star have been noted in publications ranging from Fast Company, and Inc., to The New York Times. In addition to her work with consulting clients, Lynch serves as the director of the Center for Creative Leadership’s Partner Network. Prior to starting Lead Star, Lynch’s professional experiences included service as a Captain in the United States Marine Corps, an attorney at one of the nation’s largest law firms and as a sales manager for Rational Software. She holds a law degree from William & Mary, an undergraduate degree from North Carolina State University and completed intensive studies at Cambridge University. @leadstar