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Cheryl D. Vines

2013 Speaker

Cheryl D. Vines is the vice president of national replication for The Family Center, Inc. of Somerville, Massachusetts. The Family Center’s mission is to create safer, more resilient families by supporting them in developing the inner strengths, life skills and network of resources they need to succeed.  The Family Center’s core program is called The Parenting Journey, which is a unique parent development program with a focus on parents’ relationship with their children, with others, and with their own personal histories. The program is currently being replicated in over 300 sites throughout New England and New York. Vines has been at The Family Center for 25 years and has served in many roles and from 2001- 2012 she served as the organizations executive director.  Vines’ achievements have been widely recognized.  In 2012 she was appointed to the board of the Massachusetts Children’s Trust by Governor Deval Patrick.  She is a past recipient of The Children’s Trust Leadership award for innovative contributions to the field of Parent Education and Support.  She received Wainwright Bank’s Social Justice award for her outstanding commitment and contributions to social justice.  She was also honored by The Women’s Institute for Housing and Economic Development and presented their “Open Doors” award, which recognizes leaders in the community who open doors for low income, at-risk women and their families.  Vines earned an M.M. degree from Cambridge College.

11:30AM – 12:30PM Girl Rising (YWP) – MR 156