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Cathryn E. Gunther

2018 Speaker

CATHRYN E. GUNTHER vice president, global population health with Merck & Co, Inc. She started her career with Merck in sales, health sciences and management in support of the commercial business. In 1999, she founded and served as managing director of Graham Group Consulting, and then served as SVP of market development for a start‐up mobile health care technology firm. Gunther rejoined Merck in 2012 after working as an executive health care strategist, innovator and collaborator. Most recently, Gunther was appointed to launch Merck’s Global Population Health platform. She also led the development of a public-private partnership with the CDC Foundation to enable women to receive contraception at no cost during the 2016-17 Zika outbreak; a first shared value agreement. She is a champion for improving health literacy around the globe. Gunther serves on the board of the National Business Group on Health (NBGH), and its Wellbeing & Workforce Strategy Institute, the board of directors at Grand View Health Foundation, and is a member of the Global Chief Medical Officer’s Network. She was recently appointed to the Health Evolution Summit leadership committee, and the George Mason University Center for the Advancement of Wellbeing. @merck