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Catherine Tucker Marshall

2015 Speaker

CATHERINE TUCKER MARSHALL is the director of global business development at Reebok Intl. as well as a seasoned fitness instructor in Boston.  After college, she jumped right into sales for a Fortune 500 consumer products company, Philip Morris USA. She was promoted to managing a sales team and looking for a change in industry, she started working as a sales account manager for Reebok Int. in 2005. Continuing in sales for Reebok, Marshall ultimately landed in the role as director of sales for the East Coast. She began her studies as a barre and fitness teacher in 2007 and put weekends and early mornings into this passion.  She studied multiple times at the Functional Anatomy of Injury and Movement program at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai learning. Straddling both the corporate world at Reebok and the fitness industry has been unique, so she was delighted when she found the perfect role in business development at Reebok that blends her two passions. Her expertise as a teacher and exposure to the fitness industry compatibly serve her role in pursuing B2B relationships and partnerships for Reebok on a global level. Marshall graduated from Boston College with a B.S. in finance and marketing. @reebok