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Catherine D’Amato

2013 Speaker

Catherine D’Amato is president and CEO of The Greater Boston Food Bank. She runs New England’s largest hunger-relief organization as an extremely efficient and effective nonprofit food distribution business. She has relentless compassion for those she serves and galvanizes others in the corporate and civic communities to partner for an important cause. D’Amato has been a tireless advocate for the hungry for 32 years. She assumed her leadership position at The Greater Boston Food Bank in 1995 after heading up the Food Bank of Western Massachusetts and, before that, the San Francisco Food Bank. Under D’Amato’s vision and leadership, The Greater Boston Food Bank has been transformed into a nearly $60 million charitable business, an organization that now leads the region in providing nutritious food to approximately 550 member hunger-relief agencies. These agencies annually serve as many as 545,000 hungry residents of the nine counties and 190 cities and towns of eastern Massachusetts. The Greater Boston Food Bank distributes more than 37 million pounds of food and grocery products annually.