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Bridget Hindle

2014 Speaker

Bridget Hindle is responsible for development of a high-performing team that facilitates strategic vision throughout Santander while executing people strategy. She is passionate and responsible for diversity, inclusion and community outreach initiatives while shaping Santander’s leadership culture. Hindle joined the Bank in June 2001 and has been a visionary human resources professional who engages team members in an energetic and creative style. She has been affiliated with numerous organizations throughout her career that support employee engagement and development efforts while contributing to the greater good of the communities in which Santander serves. Hindle is an advocate for women, both within her community and inside the organization. She has led the Santander Women’s Mentor Program and is engaged in initiatives such as the 2020 Women on Boards, and the ALPFA Boston Latina Mentor Program. She brings over 20 years of experience in human resources and adult education. @santanderbankus