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Brenda Loan Baker

2017 Speaker

BRENDA LOAN BAKER is a partner with innerOvation, LLC. With over 20 years of sales, marketing and finance experience spanning many sectors, including corporate and international organizations, regional businesses and non-profits, she has a breadth of knowledge to address a wide-range of business development needs.  Whether a client is a solopreneur looking for business startup coaching, or a C-Suite executive who is looking for high quality leadership development and employee engagement strategies, Baker can offer the right solution.  She is highly skilled at facilitating board development as well as leadership development at all levels. Baker is recognized for taking large-scale visions and developing a systematic, step-by-step approach to process creation, performance outcomes and measurable success. She is masterful at researching options, developing detailed strategic plans and then consistently implementing until successful outcomes are achieved. She excels in helping teams re-define old systems or develop new ones to serve their needs at the highest quality level. @bloanbaker