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Antonia Saint Dunbar

2013 Speaker

Antonia Saint Dunbar is co-founder and COO of THINX. Having grown up in a family of artists, entrepreneurs and musicians, Dunbar had an early start in learning what it took to conceive and share ideas. Beginning her own creative journey as a classically-trained cellist, she played in numerous orchestras and toured throughout Europe before attending college at Northwestern University where she transitioned her focus to public relations and marketing. After many years heading up the marketing efforts of several editing, art and music studios, Dunbar met Miki and Radha Agrawal, dynamic twin sister entrepreneurs who soon became two of her closest friends. It was then that the idea of THINX was born.  Since the company’s inception, Dunbar has been leading the operations, design and production of THINX. The three co-founders are dedicated to solving a taboo issue for two billion women and girls around the world. Doing this in two ways, the first is with a line of beautiful, patent-pending leak and stain resistant underwear, and the other is with a partnership in the developing world to help girls stay in school who are currently dropping out because they don’t have the right resources every month.