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Amanda Healy

2014 Speaker

Amanda Healy is an award-winning B2B marketing program and social media expert, speaker and syndicated blogger. She currently works as a marketing manager at TIBCO Software, managing a budget of $1 million and overseeing a team of three to devise and execute multi-touch, multi-dimensional campaigns for lead generation. Healy writes for, interviewing thought leaders and celebrities like Jonah Berger and Michelle Phan. The site has over 100,000 monthly readers and is syndicated by AOL, Yahoo!, Business Insider, and Entrepreneur magazine, among others. Prior to TIBCO, Healy managed a more than $1 million marketing budget for Akamai Technologies and spearheaded the company’s delivery of the 2013 Winter Olympics. Previously at CA Technologies, Healy created the first-ever social media training academy for the firm’s 14,000+ employees. She was recently featured in The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal best-selling author Dan Schawbel’s book “Promote Yourself.” @amandahealy