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Small Changes, Big Results: Your Journey to Physical and Emotional Wellness

This session won’t focus on cutting all the carbohydrates out of your diet, or replacing every single gram of sugar with omega-3 fatty acids, or urging you to do 100 sit-ups a day, or getting on the treadmill whenever you have a free second. In fact, it’s not about any of the total lifestyle-replacement gimmicks — whether diet, exercise or pop psychology — that have swept our culture in recent years, putting untold millions of Americans on the risky roller coaster of success and failure that defines fad diets and programs.

Small Changes, Big Results is about reality — the reality of what you can do, the reality of what you want to do and the reality of what works for the long run. This interactive session will explore how you can introduce a series of small changes each week for the next three months in the three core areas of diet and nutrition, exercise and fitness, and emotional wellness. Learn how you can implement a practical action plan with incredibly doable tasks each week that will have you yield optimal results and achieve both physical and emotional wellness.

Speaker: Ellie Krieger, host, Food Network’s “Healthy Appetite,” and author @ellie_krieger

Host: Susan O’Brien, founder, Hail Merry