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2017 Session | Learning to Drop the Ball and Achieve More by Doing Less

Join Tiffany, one of Fast Company’s League of Extraordinary Women and Lean In launch team member, in this immersive personal development experience. She will share her story of failures and triumphs as a working woman juggling lots of balls. Through her experiences, she will help you release unrealistic expectations. Best of all, she will highlight her three tried-and-true lessons, along with practical tips that you can use immediately including the “Four Go-To’s” necessary to excel once you’ve freed up your bandwidth by dropping the ball:

  • Going to exercise (building your stamina);
  • Going to lunch (building your network);
  • Going to events (building your visibility);
  • Going to sleep (building your renewal).

Speaker: Tiffany Dufu, CLO, Levo and author, Drop the Ball

Emcee: Colleen Richards Powell, VP, director, corporate citizenship & diversity, MFS